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We applaud Sheriff Roundtree for his transparency and are hopeful that the other counties will be as supportive of our advocacy efforts. The links to both the manual and complaint process are below.

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I Breathe I Rise

As a result of SPLOST VII, I Breathe I Rise was able to obtain a written resolution from the Augusta, Georgia Commission in support of using local labor on SPLOST funded projects.  This resolution came about after many hours of protest, publications, and meetings with various local officials.  The organization also produced a riveting documentary to shed light on the dire conditions in the community, and to expose the economic backlash of using local tax money to hire nonlocal contractors.  

Please click the link below to read the Resolution Letter provided by the city commission. The goal is to maximize the use of local contractors, tradesmen, construction workers and business owners on SPLOST funded projects.  

I Breathe I Rise Foundation is a Civil and Human Rights organization whose purpose is to take action to secure social, political, and economic equality in American society. We work to develop a culture where all people are fully empowered and where gender, race, and other disparities are erased. We engage in and support movement building and we organize on social justice issues steeped in the struggles of historically oppressed people within their communities.

In response to several community members request, the I Breathe I Rise Foundation has created a working group to develop an educational and informative toolkit on understanding and navigating the criminal justice system in Burke, Columbia and Richmond counties. It is our goal to launch our redesigned website with a wealth of information in the spring of 2017. We will also hold several community forums to educate the community on the use of this toolkit.

As a part of our initial data and information research our organization will submit open records requests on our local law enforcement agencies, District Attorney and Solicitor’s offices for the production of their various policy & procedures manual or similar documents. We actually tested this request process this past August with the Richmond County Sheriff’s office and were able to obtain a complete copy of their policy and procedure manual. ​It was our understanding that we are the first non-law enforcement organization to ever receive this manual. It should further be noted that, as a result of our earlier advocacy, Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree also had a link installed on the RCSO website to file a complaint online.


Understanding & Navigating the Criminal Justice System 



The Sheriff's Office feels that any person making a complaint about the agency or its operations is entitled to a response. Communication is vital to good law enforcement services and to develop community cooperation.  Please view the Complaint Processfor more information.  

​On October 17, 2014, I Breathe I Rise facilitated the first Sexual Abuse Panel Discussion to address issues of assault in the Richmond County School System (RCSS).  The panel was just the beginning of many attempts to bring awareness and healing to victims.  

The jaw dropping documentary, Breaking the Silence of the Sonic Boom unleashes the explicit details of Sexual Assault by a well know predator and former employee of  RCSS.

As a result, the Richmond County School System teamed up with IBIR and provided training to counselors and nurses through the Darkeness to Light program to end child sexual abuse.